EdenSelva Mountain Design Hotel

Relax and recharge your batteries.

Our wellness area, built like the rest of the hotel using natural materials, provides for pure relaxation and wellbeing thanks to its warm and relaxing ambience.

Let your hair down in our wellness area after a day out and about on the Dolomites. Special lights and natural materials guarantee absolute relaxation for body and mind.

Finnish sauna

The sauna par excellence where temperatures reach 80-100°C, causing the skin to sweat profusely, while humidity doesn’t go above 10%-20%. Saunas boast numerous benefits: they boost the immune system, purify the skin, detox the body, relax the muscles after physical exertion, and aid recuperation thanks to their natural, muscle-relaxing effect. Relaxing is beneficial to reducing stress and recharging your batteries.

Turkish bath

This sauna is characterised by the presence of steam and 100% humid heat with lower temperatures (approx. 50°C) compared to a Finnish sauna.
The Turkish bath boasts numerous beneficial effects: it purifies the skin, promotes circulation, and helps cure colds. It’s especially indicated for people who have to treat their blood pressure or treat breathing ailments because it expels bacteria, thus detoxing the body and boosting the immune system.

Emotional showers

The emotional showers in the ClimaHotel EdenSelva’s Wellness area are perfect to cool down between one sauna and the next. Water, colours, lights, and scents associated with the sauna or Turkish bath can deliver a sensation of relaxation and total wellbeing. After a sauna, a jet of cold water will detox and purify the skin: feel beautiful, supple, and fresh while also benefiting from improved blood circulation, muscles, and joints.

Pine wood chill-out area

Scientific studies have proved the benefits of pine wood: it improves the quality of our sleep and slows down our heartbeat. That’s why our ‘Pine Wood Chill-out Area’ guarantees an even deeper sleep which will have you feeling rested when you wake up.
Chill out surrounded by peace and quiet, relax and take in the earth and wooden scent around you, boasting a regenerating and relaxing effect.

Chill-out area

A wellbeing oasis where you can find harmony and absolute comfort. This chill-out area is bathed in a special light – relax and focus on recharging your batteries after a day out and about on the mountains.

Outdoor hot tub with a scenic view over the Dolomites

The outdoor heated hot tub is perfect to take in the last ray of sunshine and enjoy breathtaking views across the majestic Sella Group and the summits of the Puez/Odle Nature Park. Enjoy the revitalising effect of our hot tub. The cherry on the cake of the entire experience is the view of the breathtaking mountains as you sip a glass of bubbly.

Outdoor infrared cabin

Our infrared, lava sand cabin is ideal after sports and is undoubtedly one of the most pleasant ways to take care of your health. It can activate the entire organism, contributing significantly to a better quality of life. The infrared lamps in our cabin are tested by ARC Seibersdorf Research GmbH, a recognised research institute.

Infrared therapy has numerous benefits, including:

  • regulation and strengthening of the immune system
  • relief of muscle tension
  • pain therapy
  • acceleration of regeneration after a phase of physical fatigue
  • improvement of blood circulation and metabolism
  • reduce stress-related tension
  • contribute to the purification and elimination of toxins by causing intense sweating

Wellness core

We love to pamper you in our healthy corner with organic and herbal teas, natural homemade juices, and fresh and dried fruits.

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