EdenSelva Mountain Design Hotel

An ideal 4-star hotel.

We’re proud of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and we’re happy to contribute to preserving and protecting nature.

But what is a Climahotel® in the first place? The seal is awarded to green and sustainable enterprises. In our case, it means we’re taking care of our guests wellbeing and that of the surrounding nature.
The decision to adhere to the Climahotel® sustainability protocol is a testament to our connection with nature and our commitment to protecting the environment. The hotel is the ideal place for conscious people who are already thinking about the future and what they’ll leave behind for future generations.

After a rigorous selection process, we were awarded the "Climahotel®" seal in 2016. Only hotels that meet certain criteria in the “Nature”, “Living” and “Transparency” categories are chosen.
The criteria in the “Nature” category helped us improve the hotel's energy efficiency and to understand how we can contribute even more to climate protection.
The “Living” category criteria and the high-quality rooms and common areas ensure our guests’ wellbeing and comfort.
In terms of “Transparency”, we constantly monitor energy and water consumption, try to reduce waste production as much as possible, and promote ingredients which aren’t transported miles and miles from their origin to our hotel.

In 2019, we received an award in the "Hotel for fighting climate change in the hotel and restaurant sector in the Alpine region" category as part of the Climahost competition. The second Climahost Award was presented to Roland Demetz by the Austrian Federal Minister for Sustainability and Tourism, Elisabeth Köstinger, the German Federal Minister for the Environment, Svenja Schulze, and the Secretary General of the Alpine Convention, Markus Reiterer.

Staying in our hotel means using less energy, less water and producing less waste than in a conventional hotel. You can rest assured the same services will be guaranteed but they’ll be better in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability.
Let's find out together with the Climahotel® footprint calculator.

Hotel EdenSelva

Demetz Roland
Ciampinëi Str. 25
I-39048 Selva Val Gardena (BZ)
Tel. +39 0471 795028

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